Mastermind Sessions

Mastermind sessions can be virtual or in person.

Mastermind Sessions involve people working together as a group to achieve goals, solve problems, learn and/or refine their knowledge and skills. They are inspiring, informative and productive. Elaine leads these sessions in a variety of ways.

1) First, she can present an important topic (like customer experience) to a large group who discusses ideas and solutions. She also offers strategies and teachings during the sessions.

2) She also holds Masterminds for smaller, more selective groups.

In these smaller sessions, participants share their specific challenges and successes, and brainstorm ways to succeed. In other words, they explore possibilities and solutions together.

This model is motivational, yet also focused, strategic, collaborative and smart. You will overcome challenges together and come up with strategies, as a group, to achieve your goals. Diving into ideas as a team is effective and uplifting.

In 1937, Napolean Hill wrote the bestselling book “Think and Grow Rich,” about the power of a positive mindset. This book helped create more millionaires during the depression than in other moment in time.

One strategy he highly recommended was Mastermind groups, which are now used by businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals throughout the world. These are strategic processes that help you thrive on a professional and personal level.