Behind the Scenes

While other families were planning a game night or settling in for a movie night, my family was always playing music together. My mother, an amazing singer, and father, a soulful saxophone player, had 4 daughters and for as long as I can remember, we were always a family band.

I quickly learned how powerful music can be, not just as a way to express one’s self but as a way to connect with others and inspire good. As a singer-songwriter, my lyrics tell the story of our common journey through human triumphs and struggles. I have since co-created 3 CD’s featuring original music that are a blend of country, pop, and Americana with positive and uplifting lyrics.

How My Music is Used

My mission is to use this music to help people to follow their dreams, find their passion in life, overcome their fears, and transform the world. My music is woven throughout my speaking, retreats, and workshops to inspire you to believe in yourself, follow your dreams, heal your past, and feel the power of love.

I am also available to perform at shows, concerts, and house parties.

Original Music & CD Projects

I have had the honor of entertaining and inspiring audiences with my original music throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. I have performed in concert halls, coffeehouses, jazz venues, spiritual centers, nightclubs, musical theater productions, and for television and radio. I have also written and performed theme songs for television documentaries. Currently, I have 3 original CD’s, and still perform original music for audiences, as well as jazz with my family band, Penn Family Music.

Penn Family Music

Over the past 30 years, Penn Family Music has performed at numerous venues throughout the east coast. George Penn (saxophone,) Dixie Penn (vocalist), Elaine, Vaughan, Elizabeth and Georgianna (vocalists), and other talented musicians provide lively entertainment with jazz standards, 50’s and 60’s music, and music from the Great American Songbook. When we are not performing at shows and concerts, you can find us on rotation at the O’Henry Hotel for the O’Henry Jazz Series in Greensboro, NC.

Original Music

Sometimes, getting lost in the music is the best way to find what you are looking for.

All three CD’s of original music are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Everyday Amazed

(Pop, country, Americana) is about shining your light, following your dreams, being grateful for everything, knowing that love is everywhere, listening to your inner voice, and seeing the good in life.

Love is the Way

(Pop, country) is about being true to yourself, the power of love, healing your past, overcoming fear, knowing that God is always present, and leaving the world a better place.

The Journey

is a double CD of 26 songs, chants, and sing-a-longs to bring you inspiration, joy and peace. These spiritual songs combine piano, flute, guitar, light percussion, and soulful harmonies to accompany you on your journey.