Workshops / Retreats

An Empowering Experience

My retreats and workshops go beyond the typical ice breakers, team building, and topical discussions.

They are an experience made up of cutting-edge teachings, engaging exercises, and empowering discussions that create breakthroughs for individuals and groups.

Original music, inspiring videos, visualizations, and meditation techniques can be included to maximize creativity and results.

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Workshops / Retreats

Each of the following can be structured as a 2- to 3-hour workshop or full-day retreat:


Strategic Visioning for the Here and Now

This transformative workshop/retreat is ideal for teams who want to think outside the box in a structured and creative way to find powerful solutions. It’s about expanding your mindset and strengthening your relationships. The transformation starts before the retreat begins, with a deep-dive discovery session. You’ll identify what is working well, where you are getting stuck, and what you would like to see change.

At the workshop/retreat itself, you and your team will be immersed in a group coaching model (GROW) to identify your top goals and priorities, overcome obstacles, and determine real action steps and strategies that lead to success. What most people strive for months to achieve, can be accomplished in a few hours.

Building an Engaged, Happy, and Successful Workplace

Engagement is the key to happiness and happiness is the key to success. When people are engaged, they make more meaningful connections and feel authentically appreciated, leading to greater productivity, innovation, teamwork, and success.

In this morale-boosting program, your team will be guided to connect more deeply and find their common mission through value-based conversations. Incorporating Gallup Poll research and Positive Psychology techniques, you’ll explore how to utilize your individual and collective strengths to increase happiness and create an organization that thrives.


Premier Leadership

Leadership isn’t what it used to be. Today’s leaders not only have to be able to command the attention of a room but of a social media following or a video call. Leaders at all levels must evolve and expand their strategies, thinking, and actions to have the greatest impact.

In this inspirational program, you will learn how to lead in this new era. This immersive experience helps you review your leadership role, eliminate what no longer works, and enhance what does. You will gain clarity around your personal mission and use it to inspire others. Through tools such as powerful communication, team building, and creating a coaching culture, you’ll learn how to leave a powerful leadership legacy that makes a real impact in this new world.

Leadership Series: 5 full days of leadership development, covering topics like: Engagement, Your Leadership Legacy, Creating a Coaching Culture, Use Your Strengths and Soar, and Living Your Mission.


Everyday Joy: Transformational Tools to Overcome Stress

Some people believe constant stress is a given in the world we live in—it comes with the “hustle”. But this doesn’t have to be the reality. We all deserve to live a stress-free life that we can fully enjoy.

In the “Everyday Joy” program, you’ll learn the science behind gratitude and positivity and how to raise your personal vibration and energy. Through sound therapy, EFT, visioning, breath work, and mediation, you’ll gain skills to easily lower your stress and enhance your health. At the end of the workshop, you’ll feel filled with happiness, creativity, and productivity.


Life Unlimited: The Journey to Your Greatest Potential

There’s a rumor going around—and it’s affecting a lot of people’s lives. It whispers that you are not capable of achieving your dreams. That only people with luck or power or a special skill can make an impact on the world. This rumor is false.

In this transformative program, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery to move past self-doubt and breakthrough limitations. You’ll set powerful intentions, gain clarity around your dreams, and feel a greater sense of joy, passion and peace. As you immerse yourself in this inspiring day, you will learn to use tools like life visioning, enlightening conversations, inspiring music, and mind and heart opening exercises to help you reach a life unlimited.