Virtual and In-Person Seminars

My virtual and in-persona full day retreats are experiential programs that include cutting edge teachings, individual and group exercises, reflection and engaging team builders. I also incorporate components like original music, visualizations and meditation for maximum creativity and results. On the evening prior to the retreat or workshop, you have the option of having a concert or coffeehouse of positive and inspiring music.

Strategic Visioning with the Head and Heart

  • Building an Engaged, Happy and Successful Workplace
  • Life Unlimited: The Journey to Your Greatest Potential

Strategic Visioning from the Head and Heart

This transformative retreat, workshop (or meeting) is for teams who want to think out of the box and find the most creative solutions together. You will be immersed in group coaching models to help you: identify your goals and priorities; determine inspired action steps and strategies; and, explore ways to fully bring your mission into reality. You will hold meaningful conversations, participate in small group exercises and share ideas to enhance your “visioning” as well as strengthen your relationships. It is a day of creative brainstorming that utilizes your head AND heart.

Building an Engaged, Happy and Successful Workplace

In this “morale-boosting” program, your team will be guided to connect more deeply with each other and grow personally. You will also find your common mission and values; and, show authentic appreciation for one another. You will engage in shared leadership exercises and solve real challenges together. You will also explore how to utilize your individual and collective strengths, so people can do what they do best everyday. From start to finish, you will be engaged in building a positive and happy work culture, which leads to greater productivity and success!

Positive Psychology shows that the brain functions 31% better in a positive state than in negative, neutral or stressed, which leads to greater productivity, creativity, performance and profitability.

Life Unlimited:
The Journey to Your Greatest Potential

To be all that you can be, you must expand the way you think and feel.

In this transformational program, you will embark on a journey where you know that anything is possible, tap into the power of your dreams, and use your gifts make the world a better place. As you immerse yourself in this inspiring day, you will use tools like: life visioning, empowering music, heartfelt conversations, sound and color therapy, drumming, art, and the connection to nature. All of which helps you open the door to your greatest potential and a “life unlimited.”

This program will help you:

  • Set powerful intentions to create your destiny.
  • Gain clarity around your dreams and unique mission.
  • Feel a greater sense of joy, passion and peace.
  • Develop a heightened intuition where you hear your inner guidance.
  • Recognize the synchronicities in your life and their greater meaning.
  • Move past blocks and break through limitations.
  • Raise your personal vibration.
  • Use your gifts to serve humanity.