My Story

I grew up in North Carolina in a family full of love and support. From an early age, I was taught and encouraged to follow my dreams. My parents were musicians who made sure that music was a central part of my three sister’s and I’s lives. Having a musical family helped me dream big, have faith in something greater than myself, and experience the deep bonds of family.

I spent my teenage years playing sports, which greatly shaped my outlook on teamwork and the belief that anything is possible. I went on to captain the volleyball and basketball teams at Greensboro College and was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in 1996. After college, sports continued to be a part of my life and I became an Assistant Division 1 Volleyball Coach. It was exciting to spend each day inspiring adults to reach higher, work harder, and go further—ideas that my life coaching focuses on today.

After graduate school, I was appointed Director of Campus Recreation. I had dozens of college students working for me and I started to develop and deliver student leadership programs and motivational talks. I truly felt like I was using my gifts and living with purpose.

In my late 20’s, I was given the opportunity to become a University Fund Raiser and Executive Producer of television documentary projects that our University Chancellor narrated. This was a big change that, at first, was full of many new challenges and crossroads, but it was worth every moment.

Working with business professionals, I learned an important lesson: people think logically, but act emotionally. In order to raise the needed funds and achieve project goals, I had to appeal to their intellect, yet connect with their heart.

As fate would have it, I was delivering a keynote for the NCAA and was “signed” by a national speaking agency (CAMPUSPEAK) in the early 2000’s. They booked me to speak to students all over the country on diversity, leadership, and wellness. The different skills, traits, and teachings that I had learned throughout my life were all coming together in this one endeavor. It was a blast!

My university career was a natural segue into my professional work as an executive coach, workshop facilitator, and motivational speaker. I’ve now coached executives and business leaders in the areas like strategic visioning, leadership development, building engaged and happy workplaces, the power of belief and intention, mind/body/spirit wellness, and living an amazing life. I’ve developed and delivered workshops, retreats, national and regional conferences and conventions, and given keynotes to a wide array of audiences around the United States.

My love of music has always been woven throughout the fabric of my life. In addition to still performing with my family’s band, Penn Family Music, I have had the privilege of co-creating 3 inspirational CD’s of original music with Nancy Pitkin, an amazing singer-songwriter who shares my passion for positivity and the power of believing.

I have been on personal development and spiritual quest for 30 years, studying positive psychology, spirituality, and human potential. I have learned that you can achieve extraordinary success and happiness when you follow your bliss and activate your potential. Gratitude is the game-changer and what you focus on expands. We are surrounded by infinite, creative possibilities, but we have to shift our consciousness to see them.

My life as an athlete, coach, executive coach, and spiritual seeker has taught me that we must care for our mind, body, and spirit. As such, healthy eating, exercise, meditation, prayer, and visioning are part of my daily regimen.

I believe in listening to and trusting my intuition. I love what I do and am grateful for the work that allows me to use my gifts, follow my dreams, and make the world a better place. It is an honor to inspire people to do the same.