About Elaine

Elaine Penn is an executive coach, motivational speaker, and life strategist who inspires people wherever she goes. She has worked as an adviser for business executives, organizational leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs, individuals, and has also been a featured speaker on numerous university and college campuses across the country.

Before becoming a personal and professional coach and speaker, Elaine was a renowned college athlete and D1 Assistant Volleyball Coach. She received a master’s in education which led to her holding several university leadership positions. She uses the lessons she learned in those positions along with her individual strengths to help others find their purpose and be successful.

Elaine has been a musician all her life, and still performs with her family band, Penn Family Music, to this day. As a singer-songwriter, Elaine has co-created 3 CD’s of original music with Nancy Pitkin that inspire others to achieve their dreams and overcome perceived limitations. Her engaging music is weaved throughout her keynote talks, workshops, and retreats.

For the last 30 years, Elaine has been on a personal development quest of her own, studying positive psychology and human potential. She believes in caring for the mind, body, and spirit as an essential step to achieving your dreams.